8 Advantages of PRP Hair Treatment

There was a time when men in their 40s walked with pride with their heads full of hair…

There was a time when losing hair was just the side-effect of aging…

There was a time when premature balding was unheard of…

Unfortunately, we are not living in that time anymore. Today premature balding and male pattern baldness is more common than mushrooms on a rainy day. The changing lifestyle of people is to be blamed here (apart from genes). Male pattern baldness is also called androgenetic alopecia. Surprisingly, androgenic alopecia also impacts women. 


Issues like these have led to the rise of various successful hair treatments. One such really popular treatment is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. 

What is PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP hair treatment mainly involves three steps –

  • The patient’s blood is drawn
  • It is processed in a centrifuge machine
  • The plasma is then injected into the scalp


Now let us get a little deeper. Typical human blood consists of plasma that contains growth factors. These are the main elements that help in healing wounds. They also aid in cell growth.  The processing of PRP is done by isolating and concentrating the plasma platelets from the blood.  When platelet-rich plasma blood is injected into the tissues that are damaged, such as the ones in the scalp, it triggers the body to grow new healthy cells in that area.  This simple process makes PRP treatment an effective solution to treat male pattern baldness.

Benefits of opting for PRP hair treatment

Here are the top advantages of opting for PRP hair treatment to address issues like androgenic alopecia.  – 

#1 Non-surgical

The procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive. It can be performed at the doctor’s office without the need for any operation theatre. As a result of this, recovery is quick as compared to that of a surgical procedure.  The dermatologist just uses a needle for removing the blood and later for injecting the platelet-rich plasma into the marked area.

#2 Non-Scarring 

No one wants to embrace a treatment that results in scars. Luckily, PRP is not one of those treatments. As the procedure uses only needles, there are no cuts or scars created on the scalp region.  Due to this very quality, PRP is also used in treating arms, legs, and even the face.

#3 Absolutely Safe

This is one of the safest treatments out there for addressing hair issues. Being non-invasive and non-surgical definitely helps, but the biggest reason for this procedure to be so safe is because you use your own body cells.  This also eliminates any risks associated due to allergic reactions.  Moreover, there is no possibility of contamination as there are no other entry points apart from the injection.

PRP treatment

#4:  Highly Effective

PRP is one of the most effective treatments for hair issues and has been used across the globe by every other dermatologist and hair specialist. It can provide promising results for most patients within a span of 3 months. Even the rest can experience visible changes in their hair growth within 1 year. 

#5 Minimal Discomfort

This is quite obvious. Since the treatment doesn’t involve any surgery, the patient will experience only a minimum level of discomfort, that too at the time of administering the injection. Even that pain varies based on the area you are getting treated and also on your pain tolerance. For those with very low pain tolerance levels, dermatologists give local anesthesia. This will ensure that you don’t feel even the smallest of pain. Some patients experience pain after the treatment gets over, but that will subside after a few days. For those who can’t tolerate that pain, pain relievers are given. 

#6 Very Convenient

The treatment does not have any downtime. It is an outpatient procedure that takes only around an hour to perform. You do not have to stay in the clinic for the entire day. You can also come for the procedure at any time of the day(by getting an appointment) that is convenient to you and leave the place immediately after the treatment. In other words, you can go back to your normal routine the same day. It is perfect for everyone, including working professionals, as they can drive to their office immediately after the treatment.

#7 Natural-Looking Results

One of the biggest benefits of PRP treatment is that the treatment resolves the root cause of the issue.  It stimulates the inactive hair follicles to promote hair growth. In fact, you can be at complete peace knowing that the results are completely natural because the procedure makes use of your own platelets to treat the condition. 

prp hair treatment

#8:  Customized Treatment

PRP isn’t a one-size-fits-all hair restoration solution. In fact, PRP treatment is a completely customizable procedure. All dermatologists and hair specialists first understand the magnitude of patients’ hair loss and create a treatment plan completely unique for them.

Interestingly, PRP treatment is not only used for treating hair loss but also for treating ankle sprains, tennis elbow, knee sprains, rotator sleeve damage, plantar fasciitis, and lumbar spine torments.


The PRP treatment for hair loss has a proven track record in treating people suffering from male pattern baldness.  A study published in the National Library of Medicine has clearly proven the efficacy of PRP treatment. So it can be a great choice if you are suffering from hair loss.

Just like choosing the right treatment, it’s important to choose the right doctor because they can help in getting the desired results without any side effects. Dermatologist like Dr. Renu Nair has years of experience in handling PRP treatments and can help regain your hair if you are in Bengaluru. To book an appointment for PRP treatment, click here.

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