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Growth Factor Therapy

At some point in our lives, we all experience thinning of hair. Usually, for women, this happens a little later in life. For men, it can be much earlier than anticipated. However, for both of them, this is a cause of great distress. Having a good and thick mane not only makes us look good but is also considered a symbol of physical strength and virility in society. 


If you notice thinning of your hair, then it is important to take preventive action immediately. The first thing you should do is to meet a dermatologist and find out the cause of your hair loss. The right diagnosis will lead you to the right treatment and the right treatment to reversal of hair fall.


Advancements in dermatology have led to the birth of various non-surgical treatments that provide promising results for patients suffering from hair loss. One such very common and highly successful treatment is Growth Factor Therapy.

What is Growth Factor Therapy?

Growth Factor therapy is an innovative procedure to treat hair loss. In this, we extract blood from the patient and then treat it to get the final product called GFC(Growth Factor Concentrate). GFC is replete with one’s own growth factors that have the potential to heal damaged tissues and promote cell growth. It is directly injected into the patient’s scalp in high concentration, triggering hair formation. Since it is prepared from the patient’s own blood without any contamination, the serum is completely safe and has minimal side effects.

Who needs Growth Factor Therapy?

The treatment has no limitation as far as gender is concerned. It can be opted by anyone experiencing hair fall. However, it is best suited for those who have experienced hair fall recently and have early grades of baldness. It is always best to choose this treatment after consulting with us. GFT is perfect for those – 


  • Experiencing hair thinning
  • Suffering from hair fall
  • Who want to improve their hair thickness
  • Who want to increase hair volume

Is Growth Factor Therapy painful?

Since there is an injection involved in this treatment, a little discomfort is inevitable. Rest assured, you won’t feel any extreme pain. We usually apply numbing cream or give local anesthetic injections to ease the pain even further and bring total comfort to you. Sometimes, you might feel mild pain in the treated area for a few days after the treatment. This is perfectly normal.

What to expect after Growth Factor Therapy?

There is no downtime or recovery time after the GFT treatment. Many patients go back to their usual life right after the treatment without any difficulty. However, we recommend all our patients rest the treated area for a few hours.


It takes around three to four weeks before you notice any significant change in your condition. It is also recommended that you undergo multiple sessions to get the desired result. On average, we recommend all our patients undergo three to six sessions with a gap of three to four weeks after every session to get the best results. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

PRP is basically plasma containing a high concentration of platelets. These platelets, on activation, release various growth factors that help in cellular growth and regeneration.


Growth factor concentrate contains readymade growth factors prepared from the patient’s own blood using special tubes without having the intermediate platelets. Being acellular, the pain during this procedure is relatively less when compared to PRP. They also provide better yield and more consistent results compared to PRP, hence faster and better hair growth.

The risks associated with the treatment are very minimal as GFC is prepared from one’s own blood. There might be some inflammation and redness in the treated area. The risks or side effects related to GFT are usually related to the injection and have mild to moderate impact. However, all the side effects will resolve in less than a week.

Since most GFT risks are linked to the injection and dosage, choosing an experienced dermatologist will help you avoid them. With more than ten years of experience, Dr. Renu offers the best Growth Factor Therapy treatment in Bengaluru. Apart from choosing the right specialist, you can also do the following – 

  • Avoid applying any pressure to the treated area for eight hours(at least) after treatment. 
  • Avoid getting your head wet for at least three hours after the treatment.
  • Use only pH-balanced shampoo for the first three days after the treatment.
  • Do not use any sort of hair products for at least six hours after the treatment.

Here are a few things you can take care of before visiting us on the treatment day – 


  • Stop using any anti-inflammatory drugs at least one week before the treatment.
  • Keep yourself healthy by eating well.
  • Report any allergies you have to us.
  • Inform us about all the medication you are currently taking.

Growth Factor Therapy is a totally safe treatment, and most people can undergo this without any problems. However, we recommend the following types of people to avoid the GFT treatment – 


  • People with a chronic infection
  • People with a low platelet count
  • Cancer patients

Dr. Renu offers the best Growth Factor Therapy treatment in Bengaluru. Her clinic is located at HSR Layout. To book an appointment with us, click here.

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