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Chemical Peels

Our skin is getting damaged at an unimaginable pace these days due to extensive changes in lifestyle and exposure to pollution. These changes are quite visible in the form of wrinkles, acne, dark spots,  uneven skin tone, etc. Over-exposure to the sun also dries out unprotected skin and depletes it of natural lubricating oils. 


Luckily, these damages are not irreparable. Chemical Peel treatment is a popular solution for such problems. It rejuvenates your skin, revealing the healthier and youthful skin beneath.

What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin, primarily on the hands, face, and neck. This technique is also known as derma peeling or chemexfoliation. It involves the application of chemicals like Alpha hydroxy acids, Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), phenol, lactic acid, or salicylic acid, to the skin for a few minutes. 


These chemicals instantly react with your skin allowing it to exfoliate and peel off. The new layer of skin underneath is smoother and looks more supple, giving you a brighter complexion. These changes are a result of our skin tissue’s regenerative capability. The Chemical Peel procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure and involves no surgery.

Types of Chemical Peel

There are three types of Chemical Peel treatment that you can choose from:


  • Light Peel

This procedure is done over multiple sittings. This is a good option if you want to get rid of acne, fine wrinkles, rough sun damage, or uneven skin tone. In this procedure, only the outermost layer of the skin is removed. The recovery time is less(ranging from a few hours to a few days).


  • Medium Peel

If you are looking for an entirely fresh and smooth look to your skin then this is a good option for you. We suggest this type to those who have moderate skin coloring, acne scarring, fine to moderate wrinkles, or age spots. The uppermost layer and the top part of the middle skin are peeled off in this process. The recovery time can be more than a week.


  • Deep Peel

This procedure can produce drastic improvements to your skin, and it is typically a one-time treatment. This type is ideal if you have extensive sun damage, blotchy skin, moderate wrinkles, or precancerous growth (actinic keratosis). The chemical will penetrate from the uppermost layer to the lowermost part of the middle layer of your skin. Such deep peels require pre-treatment for eight weeks, and the recovery time is also quite long.

Who needs a Chemical Peel?

Are Chemical Peels painful?

This is a common concern that every patient has. If you are undergoing a light or medium peel, then the pain level is extremely low. There might be minor discomfort whose intensity varies based on your skin condition. Some might experience tingling, while others might experience a tinge of burning sensation. However, all your side effects will subside entirely once the procedure is complete.


On the other hand, patients who choose deep peel would be given pain relievers before the procedure. This ensures that there is no pain during the entire duration of the procedure.

What to expect after a Chemical Peel?

The expectations vary based on the type of Chemical Peel you choose.


  • Light Peel

The treated area will turn red and start to scale. The entire peeling should be complete in three to five days. Use lotion and apply sufficient amounts of sunscreen every day to help the healing process. The next Chemical Peel will be done after two to three weeks. Usually, the goal of the procedure is achieved after four to six peels.


  • Medium Peel

You will experience mild swelling, flaking of the skin, redness, and stinging. Skin will crust and peel for 7-10 days, and swelling can last for 48 hours. However, this is quite normal, and there is no need to panic.


Anti-inflammatory creams can be applied for a week along with moisturizers and sunscreens. Exposure to the sun must be avoided till the skin is completely healed. 


  • Deep Peel

Here there will be major swelling, redness, and crusting for a few days and peeling will continue for about seven to fourteen days. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory creams will be given during this time and depending on pain, pain-relieving medicines can also be taken. A thick layer of sunscreen and moisturizer should be applied for the next three weeks and exposure to the sun must be avoided during this time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The common side effects are dryness, burning, redness, swelling, and stinging which are all temporary. Some other rare side effects include:


  • Darkening of skin color, mostly for people with dark skins
  • Scarring
  • Fungal or bacterial infection (very rare)

The experience of the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon comes into play here. You have to go to the clinic offering the best Chemical Peel treatment in your area. But you can also do your part by:


  • Using mild soap after peeling
  • Using sunscreen adequately
  • Applying ointment regularly 
  • Not picking, scratching, peeling, or rubbing after the treatment
  • Avoid exposure to intensive UV rays two weeks before the treatment
  • Don’t use peeling products or scrubs on the skin starting from three days before the treatment
  • If you recently underwent a botox or filler treatment, give two weeks of gap before starting the peeling treatment
  • Don’t get any laser or heat treatment three days before the peeling treatment begins

Chemical Peels are not recommended to people with:


  • Pregnancy or nursing
  • History of abnormal skin scarring
  • Active herpes
  • Dermatitis or any skin allergies at the time of procedure
  • People with a history of developing darker scars (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) need to be extra cautious while doing peels

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