How to Regrow Hair on Bald Spot Fast?

how to regrow hair on bald spot fast

Although not a serious problem, hair loss can trigger frustration, embarrassment, and loss of confidence among affected individuals. After all, baldness is often associated with old age, and those who are bald tend to feel much older than their well-thatched counterparts.


The good news is we have made considerable progress in hair loss treatment. Many new treatments have surfaced in recent years that can help regrow hair on bald spots fast and in an effective manner. In this post, we will explain everything about regrowing hair on bald spots, including causes, stages of baldness, medical treatments, etc.

What causes sudden bald spots?

Baldness can be attributed to a variety of reasons, including changes in lifestyle, stress, genetics, and environment. Apart from these, the following factors also play a key role in producing bald spots –


  • Hormonal Imbalance: There can be sudden hair loss among females who have hormonal imbalances. In most cases, it is temporary. A few types of birth control pills can also lead to temporary thinning of hair. Also, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can cause hormonal imbalance, which, in turn, causes hair loss.
  • Hair products and styling: If you are someone who follows a hairstyle where you pull your hair back, there are good chances that you might experience bald spots. Also, few shampoos and hair care products containing ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, Laureth sulfate, sodium chloride, etc., can cause bald spots for some people.
  • Alopecia Areata: This is an auto-immune condition where the body’s immune system directly attacks the hair follicles mistakenly. Go to this page to know everything about alopecia.

Can hair regrow in bald spots?

The answer is ‘Yes’ in most cases, but it all depends on the actual cause of bald spots. For instance, if the cause is alopecia areata, then restoring hair becomes very difficult. Even if it is possible, you need to come for multiple sessions to ensure that you maintain the same volume of hair. But most of the other causes, like male pattern baldness, are easily treatable.

Stages of baldness

Hair specialists across the globe tend to use the Norwood scale to analyze the level of baldness. The 7 stages of the Norwood scale are:


Stage 1: This is the controlling stage, where the person has a full head of hair with no visible baldness. But this stage is the onset of a receding hairline.


Stage 2: This is a more mature stage where you will start witnessing receding hairlines around your temples.


Stage 3: In this stage, there will be more visible hair loss. There will be a substantial loss of hair in the temples and in the crown region.


Stage 4: You will start noticing a U-shared baldness form when your head is seen from the top. There will be further receding of the hairline.


Stage 5: In this stage, the gap between the receding hairline and the bald spot grows thinner.


Stage 6: By this stage, hair loss has progressed to the front and top of the head. There will be some hair on the sides, but the crown region and front of the head will be completely bald.


Stage 7: The baldness will now start advancing to the sides of the head. You will have a thin ring of hair left at the sides. Even the remaining hair will be quite weak.

Is it possible to regrow hair on bald spots naturally?

If your hair loss condition is at the very initial stages, there are chances of regrowing hair on bald spots naturally. Natural treatments promote blood circulation to the scalp and boost hair follicle health. Here are five most effective home remedies that you can adopt to regrow hair on the bald spot naturally –


  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a powerful antioxidant that also has anti-inflammatory properties. It has been found that aloe vera helps in reducing scalp inflammation caused by dandruff. It can also protect your hair from UV damage.

  • Ingredients: Aloe vera gel
  • Procedure: You can either purchase fresh aloe vera gel from stores or extract aloe vera gel from a plant. Apply the gel on the scalp and in between the hair strands. Let the gel sit for 20-25 minutes. Finally, rinse your hair with water.


2. Onion Juice

Onion juice is very effective in treating alopecia areata. It produces antifungal and antibacterial properties when combined with honey, making it a wonderful product for reducing dandruff and the associated hair loss condition.

  • Ingredients: A) Medium size onion  B) Cotton ball  C) 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Procedure: Cut the onion and squeeze out the juices. Add honey to the juice and mix it well. Apply the mixture to the scalp using a cotton ball and let it sit for 30 minutes. Later wash your hair with shampoo. Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly, as leaving even a little juice can make your hair smell of onion.


3. Amla hair pack

Amla has been an age-old remedy for hair. It is rich in many nutrients, including tannins and Vitamin C. Amla is also known to strengthen hair fibers and boost blood circulation. When you combine amla with curry leaves, you can reverse hair fall to a great extent. Curry leaves is rich in Vitamin C, B6, Proteins, amino acids, and fibers, all of which are instrumental in preventing hair thinning and hair damage.

  • Ingredients: A) Amla  B) Curry Leaves
  • Procedure: Chop amla into small pieces and gently blend it. Add water and a few curry leaves to the mixture. Mix all 3 to form a paste. Apply the paste to your scalp and leave it on for a few hours. Then wash it off using a mild soap. To get good results, repeat the process twice a week.


4. Kalonji oil

Black seed oil is famous in Unani medicine. It is also known as kalonji oil. It is quite effective against bald spots and hair loss. It has the capability to strengthen your hair follicles and promote hair regeneration.

  • Ingredients: A) 1 tablespoon of kalonji oil  B) 2 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
  • Procedure: Take a bowl and mix virgin olive oil and kalonji oil. Apply the mixture to your scalp. Massage your hair gently for a few minutes. Let it stay for around 15-20 minutes. Then wash your hair using a mild shampoo. You can repeat the procedure every alternative day for the best results.


5. Egg Yolk

It’s common knowledge that eggs are rich in protein. There are peptides present inside the egg yolk, which can stimulate follicle growth. These peptides not only help accelerate hair growth but also ensures that your hair is bouncy, silky, and shiny.

  • Ingredients: One Egg
  • Procedure: Split the egg yolk and beat it well. Once you get a paste-like consistency, apply the same in the bald areas of your scalp and also on the root follicles. Let it sit for an hour. Then rinse your hair with shampoo. Repeat this process 2 times a week in the beginning and then reduce it to once a week.

Medical Treatments for bald spot

The best treatment to reverse baldness is hair transplant. In this procedure, a hair specialist or dermatologist will remove the hair follicles from healthy regions of your scalp (which has hair) and implant it in those scalp areas experiencing hair loss. There are 2 types of hair transplant:


  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): In this, follicles are removed one by one from the donor area. It is achieved using a tiny punch tool. The best part is there is no need for stitches. Also, the recovery is quite fast, and scarring is minimal.
  • Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS): In this, a strip of skin(6 to 10 inches long) is removed from your scalp and divided into individual grafts. The area is then closed with stitches. Then the bald area is cleaned, and slits are created on it using a needle or scalpel. Finally, one by one, all the grafts are carefully placed in each hole.

Why Choose Dr. Renu to regrow hair?

Dr. Renu is a certified and trained dermatologist. She has practiced dermatology in reputed hospitals in various parts of the country. In her 10+ years of experience, she has treated hundreds of patients suffering from hair loss and helped them achieve the desired results.


If you are someone suffering from bald spots and hair loss, then know that you are not alone. More importantly, it is reversible and can be treated by a hair specialist or a dermatologist using a variety of treatments. If you are in Bangalore or its vicinity, you can consult Dr. Renu for your bald spots. To book an appointment with her, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I fix bald spots?

The first thing to do is find the cause of bald spots. In several cases, the baldness can be temporary and can be treated without any medication or drastic change in lifestyle. If it is more severe, there are multiple treatment options available. Consult your dermatologist to find the best treatment for your baldness.


  • Can bald spots be caused by stress?

Yes. One of the main causes of bald spots is stress. The stress could be from a long illness, financial distress, divorce, childbirth, work problems, etc. In most cases, the hair will grow back once the stress subsides.


  • What lack of vitamins causes hair loss?

Deficiency in Vitamin B12 has been associated with hair loss. Lack of other vitamins like Vitamin A, C, D, and E can also be responsible for hair loss.


  • Does lack of sleep cause hair loss?

Yes, lack of sleep can result in stress, which, as you know, is a key factor for hair loss. Another reason can be tiredness. It makes hair follicles go into an early resting stage. Fortunately, hair loss due to loss of sleep can be reversed by changing your lifestyle.

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