Everything you need to know about Micropigmentation treatment

Makeup originated from Egypt. Women painted their eyes by applying a dark color under the eyelid. 


Around 60% of all 12-year-old girls use makeup products.


An average woman spends around 55 minutes every day on hair and makeup.


Makeup has become an integral part of most people’s lives irrespective of their age. It’s synonymous with self-grooming and is a key ingredient for self-confidence and self-belief. 


Now you may wonder why we are talking about makeup when the topic is about micropigmentation treatment.


The answer lies in another popular term for micropigmentation treatment- Permanent Makeup. 


Yes, you heard that right. By undergoing micropigmentation treatment, you no longer have to waste 55 minutes of your morning time applying makeup every day. 


Micropigmentation treatment is perfect for those –  

  • Who wants to look good but does not have the time to wear makeup every day. 
  • Who does not know which is the right product for their skin
  • Who wants to avoid possible allergies by using the wrong makeup products.


But what exactly is micropigmentation treatment, and where is it primarily used? Let’s find out in the next sections. 


What is Micropigmentation treatment?

Micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that is primarily used to enhance your appearance. The treatment can be used to replace or improve the coloring of the skin. It is also used to get rid of scars; It camouflages scars by evening out the skin color or restoring the color in the areas that have lost the color. 


Micropigmentation is very similar to tattooing; it creates a permanent change on the skin. The best part is that the healing process is pretty fast, just like how it is in tattooing. 


Now that you know what micropigmentation is, let’s find out the different areas of your skin that can be enhanced by micropigmentation.


Define the Eyebrows

Have you ever noticed the well-defined and picture-perfect eyebrows sported by influencers and celebrities? In all probability, that could be micropigmentation at play. It is also called an eyebrow tattoo, where dermatologists reshape, recreate, and enhance your eyebrows. They stimulate each hair stroke to give a natural look to your eyebrows. A super-fine pen is also used to deposit a hair stroke on the dermallayer of the skin.Another technique is microshading where the pigment is deposited using a pen with microneedles in a powdered fashion to create a natural look.


The entire procedure can take up to two hours. Initially, the dermatologist will use a numbing agent on the brow area. Then they would mix multiple colors to create a custom color that would perfectly match your skin and brow tone. The numbing agent will help you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Then by using a fine pen, the dermatologist will start drawing hair-like shapes out of the brow.


You should avoid this procedure if you are going to or have undergone botox or chemotherapy during the past six months. The treatment is also not advisable if you are using blood thinners.


The treatment results would last anywhere between one to three years. The main factor that determines the longevity of the results is after-care. Carefully follow all the instructions given by your dermatologist to improve the overall results of the procedure. 


Shape the Lips

There was a time when lip lining was really popular. People would get a permanent lip liner to enhance the appearance of their lips. But the results often fell short of expectations. That’s when micropigmentation on lips became hugely popular. This was also known as a lip tattoo. 


In this, the dermatologist will apply color to the entire surface of the lip. Most people would choose a nude color to give a natural look to the lips. However, some also prefer a deep color to make lips look more prominent. 


Micropigmentation on lips tends to be more intense as compared to micropigmentation on other parts. In other words, the pain will be more because lips are more sensitive than other parts of the body.  Also, sometimes, the lips do not retain the pigments as well as other skin cells. So some people might need multiple sessions to get the desired result.


In this, the dermatologist will first numb the area in and around the lips and start applying the custom color using a pen on the marked area. The results tend to last for one year. However, a few touch-ups might be required once in a while to maintain the look of the lips.


Camouflage Scars

We all have scars that we want to get rid of. Micropigmentation is our answer, as it can be used to hide acne scars, stretch marks, or other types of scars. This is primarily achieved by injecting flesh-colored pigment into the top layer of your skin. The pigment is injected at a depth of less than 1mm under the skin. To achieve the desired look, 2 to 3 sessions might be required at an interval of 5 to 6 weeks. 


If you have a scar that is lighter than your skin, then you are a perfect candidate for the scar camouflage treatment. It might not be a great choice if your scar is colored red, brown, or purple.  But there is a way around it. A laser and bleaching treatment can be used to remove these colors first. The treatment also works well for people with hypertrophic scars. 


One other thing to note is that the scar has to be entirely healed before you come for the treatment. This is to avoid residual redness caused by the disruption in melanin production.


The texture of the scar tissue is usually thicker, and it won’t have any sweat glands. So the treatment would last longer than any other micropigmentation treatment. The results can last for many years, especially if you take good care of the skin and have minimal exposure to the sun.


The most difficult part of this treatment is identifying the right flesh color. Untrained dermatologists tend to mix brown and white to get the required skin tone. Due to the molecular structure of the brown color, it would more often turn into an orange color after some time, while the white tone tends to become brighter. This will turn counter-effective as the scar will appear more prominent. 


Freckle Tattoo

Freckles usually affect young people. As one age, they tend to lose color to make the skin appear old. Hence there is a tendency for people to highlight their freckles to appear more youthful. This is where micropigmentation helps in the form of what is popularly called freckle tattoos.


In this treatment, the dermatologists first mark the area where you need freckles. The area can be suggested either by the dermatologist or by yourself. Once the dermatologist numbs the marked skin, they will draw the freckles. Then the stick and poke technique is used to bring out the freckles. A particular place is poked 4-5 times to achieve this. The dermatologist does this until the freckles look natural and soft before moving on to the next freckle. 


The process doesn’t take much time and should be completed in 30 minutes. Also, there is little to no pain associated with the treatment. The freckle tattoos are semi-permanent and would fade over time and exposure to the sun. 



Micropigmentation is a great choice for those looking to appear good without wasting too much time on everyday makeup. Advancements in medicine have made the process completely safe. But it is still very important to find the right dermatologist to – 


  • Minimize the side-effects
  • Achieve the desired results
  • Eliminate the chances of infection due to the involvement of needles and blood
  • Eliminate the possibility of discoloration


This is where opting for a dermatologist like Dr. Renu can help. She has over 10 years of experience in handling treatments like micropigmentation and has helped thousands of patients enhance their appearance and improve their self-confidence. To book an appointment with her, click here. 

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