Botox Hair Treatment: Everything you need to know

The word Botox is not alien to most people. Short for Botulinum Toxin, Botox has been used widely in the beauty industry. Many famous TV and film personalities often undergo botox treatment to look younger. 

Ever since social media became a part of our daily life, many influencers, celebrities, and people have started to share and talk openly about the use of botox, putting an end to a tabooed skin treatment topic. In fact, skin treatment topics have now become more desirable and acceptable than ever before. 

Usually, whenever the word botox crops up, we often think about the skin. This is understandable as botox has always been used in the past to address various skin-related issues such as – 

  • Wrinkles
  • Muscular conditions
  • Forehead furrows
  • Eye twitching
  • Lazy eye
  • Migraine
  • Muscle contractures
  • Excessive sweating

But not many know that botox is a highly effective hair treatment too. Yes, you heard that right. Hair botox has come to the rescue for many people with various hair issues. 

What is Hair Botox?

Today, patients across the world have started embracing various haircare treatments. Due to drastic changes in climatic conditions and our ever-changing lifestyle, care for hair has become increasingly important. People are looking for various products to treat their hair and make it healthier and shinier. 

Though some of these products are good, they can never match the professional help you get. Incidentally, there has been a lot of growth and innovations in the cosmetic industry related to hair during the past decade. Researchers have developed numerous treatments that are non-invasive and effective. Botox hair treatment is one such non-invasive procedure that can give you significant results.

Unknown to many, the Hair Botox does not contain botulinum toxin. It is called hair botox purely because of its working. Similar to how a botox treatment for skin works by smoothening your skin and relaxing your muscles, the botox treatment for hair fills the individual fibers of hair to make it smooth and give it fullness. 

It is also not one of those damaging chemical treatments but is a formaldehyde-free deep conditioning treatment, thus keeping your scalp away from elements that can cause further damage to your hair. 

The hair botox treatment is popularly called the anti-aging hair treatment. As the name rightly points out, this procedure can help you transform a damaged head of hair into one replete with smooth and lustrous hair. 

Whenever we talk about hair botox, it is difficult to fend off the question ‘hair botox vs keratin’. But even today most people are unsure about these two as they do not know the key differences between them. As you have seen, hair botox is mainly a non-chemical treatment that fills in split ends by coating the surface of the hair. On the other, keratin treatments are a chemical smoothening process that contains formaldehyde. It also helps in addressing frizziness but is more effective at straightening.

How does hair botox work?

How does hair botox work?


A hair botox treatment works by first coating the hair with a filler. The fillers usually fill in any broken areas or thin areas of each hair strand, thus giving a fuller and lustrous appearance to the hair. The ingredients used in hair botox products differ based on the product used. 

But most products usually have a combination of collagen, vitamins, and essential oils in their products. For example, one product is said to have contained the following ingredients – 

  • Caviar oil.
  • Vitamin B5
  • Collagen complex
  • BONT-L peptide
  • E Vitamins

As you would have guessed by now, the hair botox treatment doesn’t have a standard set of formulas or rules. Experts use a mix of popular elements like peptides, Vitamin B5, lipids, proteins, amino acid, collagen complex, and vitamins for the treatment. These are then combined with some conditioning agents. The blend of these ingredients works as a filler material for thinning hair fibers. All these elements help in fighting frizziness and improve damaged and dull hair. 

Hair Botox Treatment Process

Here’s what happens in a typical hair botox treatment – 

  1. The first step is to wash your hair thoroughly to get rid of any dirt, oil build-up, and grime from your scalp. A purifying shampoo is primarily used in this step. It will clear your hair of all the residues of serums and open up the hair cuticles. A conditioner is not used after the hair wash as a clean base is needed for treatment.
  2. Once the hair is washed, it is completely dried using towels. Then the hair is sectioned, and the hair botox product is applied and massaged throughout your hair from roots to the tips. The treated hair is left undisturbed for 45 minutes, after which a sulfate-free and gentle cleanser is used to wash it off.
  3. Finally, once the product is completely washed off from the hair, it is blast dried. Post this, heat-straightening is done to seal the product within the fibers of the hair. Some experts even dry and straighten your hair without washing it out. This would help the product to penetrate deeper.

Who can get botox for hair treatment?

Who can get botox for hair treatment?


Hair botox is considered a fairly safe treatment for people with any hair types. You can consider taking a hair botox treatment if you want to get rid of:

  • Split ends
  • Damaged hair
  • Curly hair that you want to get straightened
  • Very fine hair
  • Frizzy hair

How to take care of your hair immediately after botox hair treatment?

As we already know, hair botox uses natural ingredients and doesn’t cause any damage to our hair. But the hair straightening process can cause some damage. So you need to take good care of your hair after the hair botox treatment. By following these aftercare tips, you can make sure that the ‘botoxed hair’ remains good much longer.

  • Use only paraben-free, silicone-free, and sulfate-free hair cleansers. Make sure to use conditioners after cleansing your hair. This will make your hair hydrated and stay safe from any kind of dryness.
  • It is impossible to stay away from the outside environment. So to repair the environmental damage caused to your hair after botox treatment, you need to get a deep conditioning hair masking session every once a week. This repairing formula will help you to repair the damages caused by the environment. When applying the mask, use a shampoo comb to evenly distribute the mask from the root to the tip.
  • Try to avoid heat styling your hair (once in a while is okay) to keep your hair strands strong and healthy. More importantly, never use a heat protectant spray when you heat style your hair to reduce the damage. 
  • If you are stepping out in harsh weather conditions, then use a silk scarf to cover your hair. Also, during sleep, to avoid friction on the roots and strands, put your hair in a protective hairstyle.
  • If you want to maintain the look of nourished hair for many years, then you should go in for multiple hair botox treatments. It is recommended to get 2 – 3 treatments on an annual basis.

General Haircare Tips 

Though hair botox has certain disadvantages, the benefits outweigh the negatives anytime. But despite this, many people prefer to treat the hair in their homes. This section is for them, as we bring you some handy tips that you can try at home. But remember, the efficacies of these tips can never match the ones provided by experienced personnel.

Tip #1 – Do Pre-shampoo Conditioning

This mainly involves applying a conditioner before shampooing, which is usually the opposite of what most people do. This will help in bringing out the shine and elasticity in your hair. It will also lock the moisture in the hair, which is usually removed by the shampoo. The best way to apply a pre-shampoo conditioner is to massage it from root to tip for 20 minutes. You can wash it with shampoo later. 

Tip #2 – Charcoal-infused Shampoo

Try using a shampoo that is infused with charcoal. Activated charcoal has the capability to remove toxins from hair by absorbing them. Charcoal also rejuvenates your hair and detoxifies it to give a new look to your damaged hair.

Tip #3 – Apply a hair mask

Apply a hair mask at least once or twice a week. Hair masks are available in abundance in the market. Alternatively, you can also prepare your own hair mask at home using ingredients such as papaya and hibiscus. These hair masks penetrate deep into your scalp and nourish the roots of your hair, providing an intense conditioning treatment.  

Tip #4 Use scalp conditioner after shampooing

Most scalp conditioners come with nourishing oils like jojoba, honey, olive, etc., which moisturizes and soothes your scalp extensively. These conditioners are usually applied after you finish shampooing. Keep the hair undisturbed after applying the conditioner and rinse it off after 15 minutes.

Tip #5 Massage scalp with hair oil

Massage your hair with hair oil once or twice a week. This will prevent hair fall, nourish the damaged hairs, and give them new life. Any oil can be used, such as coconut, almond, or even olive oil.

Benefits of botox hair treatment

There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy by embracing botox hair treatment. Apart from giving you smooth and lustrous looking hair, here are some other benefits you can enjoy – 

  • Eliminate Free radicals: The botox hair compound contains caviar oil as one of the ingredients. This ingredient aids in fighting free radical damage. You can find free radicals in abundance in our environment. Our body fights these free radicals by producing natural antioxidants. But as we age, the defense mechanism of our body reduces, and free radicals tend to escape from these antioxidants and damage the hair—ingredients like B5 vitamins, antioxidants, and Vitamin E help in fighting free radicals.

  • Repair damaged hair: Another common ingredient found in hair botox products is Collagen, which is a protein. It is crucial for your hair. A shortage of collagen can lead to hair that is brittle, dry, damaged, and broken. Yes, you can always help your hair by consuming a healthy diet that has proteins or even using shampoos that have proteins in them. 

  • Maintain Moisture: Just like our skin, the hair also needs hydration and moisture to stay healthy. Deep conditioning treatments like botox hair tend to keep your hair moisturized and improve elasticity.

  • Restore shine and softness: The Botox hair treatment is apt for those who have dull and rough hair that is in dire need of nourishing oils. The treatment helps to restore the  softness and add shine to the hair.

Disadvantages of Hair Botox Treatment

Just like every coin has two sides, every treatment has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look into some disadvantages of hair botox treatment now.

  • You need to take great care of your hair post-treatment. For example, you need to use sulfate-free shampoos. If you use your regular shampoos, it can reverse the effect of the treatment. Also, you might have to stop using flat iron and hair dryers to prevent the loss of vitamins and minerals from your hair.

  • If you plan on straightening your hair through this treatment, you need to understand that hair botox will not alter the internal structure of your curls. Yes, it does straighten the hair to a good extent, but it cannot change the hair fiber’s composition. To change the hair structure, you need to break down the hair’s internal cuticle, which can be done only by using formaldehyde which is not available in hair botox.

  • One of the side effects of hair botox is that it can change your hair tone. For instance, if you have dyed your hair, the treatment can change the hair color slightly. This is mainly because hair botox involves injecting vitamins into your exterior hair parts, which can actually change the hair tone.

  • And just like you can’t use flat iron or hairdryer, you can’t dye after this treatment. Again this is because the chemicals in the colors will impact the effect of hair botox.

Wrapping Up

Hair botox has been getting tremendous acceptance in recent days due to its positive effects on your hair. Right from addressing frizziness to split-ends, it can do all. Hair botox will also give your hair the volume you always yearned for. And like any cosmetic treatment, hair botox should be done only by an expert professional; otherwise, it can turn counter-productive to your hair.


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