A Guide to Laser Hair Removal in Bangalore

laser hair removal in Bangalore

Laser hair removal in Bangalore is gaining tremendous popularity these days. The need to look good is quite high, especially in cosmopolitan cities like Bangalore, due to the culture and type of people living there.

Now, hair has always been a vital component of our body. Apart from serving numerous bodily functions, it is also a symbol of beauty. A man with a head full of hair or a woman with long hair is considered ‘attractive’ in this society.

But too much hair is also a problem, especially when it grows in the wrong spots. Modern women, in particular, are too concerned about hair growing on their face, arms, and legs, as the same society considers this unattractive.

As a direct consequence, you can see thousands of these women thronging parlors and spas in Bangalore, going through various treatments such as waxing and tweezing. Unfortunately, these treatments are not only painful but also ineffective. This is where laser hair removal treatment comes into the picture.

In this post, we are going to dive deep and understand what is laser hair removal, what are its benefits and side effects, and where to do laser hair removal in Bangalore.

What Is Laser Hair Removal and How Does It Work?

In a laser hair removal treatment, a concentrated beam of light (laser) is pointed at the affected area. This highly concentrated beam of laser light is converted into heat energy, which, in turn, damages the tube-shaped sacs called hair follicles present in our skin.

As you would have guessed already, these hair follicles are responsible for producing hairs in our body. Once these hair follicles are damaged, there would be a delay or complete stoppage of hair growth in that specific region.

However, the results of laser hair removal treatment are semi-permanent, and a single session might not be enough for you to see permanent results. Regular maintenance treatments are required. Laser hair removal is considered to be a great option for people of all skin types.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal Preferred in Bangalore?

Laser hair removal treatment is quite effective in removing unwanted hair from most parts of the body, including legs, back, underarm, face, chin, bikini line, arm, and other areas. Apart from this, there are various other reasons why laser hair removal is quite popular in Bangalore. The reasons are best represented by the three Ps –

  • Precision: Using a laser, the dermatologist can target any area with great precision. In other words, the treatment can target the coarse, dark hairs in a very small area without harming the surrounding areas.
  • Predictability: Hair growth is not predictable. This means most of the hair removal treatments available today are unpredictable, making it very difficult to determine how long it would take for the hair to grow back. Thankfully, laser hair removal treatment is unlike those treatments, as most patients experience permanent hair loss after three to eight sessions. They would only require regular maintenance.
  • Pacey:  The treatment is really fast, and the downtime is minimal. You need not spend hours in the clinic to get a small area of hair removed. In fact, smaller areas like upper lips can be treated in less than a minute by an experienced dermatologist. Even larger areas like the back and leg tend to take only an hour.

How Laser Hair Removal Treatment is performed?

laser hair removal treatment

Here are the different steps involved in laser hair removal in Bangalore

  • Initially, the hair in the area to be treated is trimmed to a few millimeters above the skin surface.
  • Roughly 20-30 minutes before the procedure, a topical numbing cream will be applied to the area. This would completely eliminate any stinging sensation caused by the laser pulse.
  • The dermatologist would then prepare the laser equipment based on various factors like the color of the skin, the thickness of the hair, and the location of the hair.
  • You will be given protective eye gear before the treatment begins. The eye gear will be chosen based on the type of laser that will be used and how close the treatment area is to the eyes..
  • Next, to help the laser light easily penetrate the skin and to protect the outer layer of the skin, a special cooling device will be used. In some cases, a cold gel will be applied to the area.
  • Now the dermatologist will beam a short pulse of light to the area and wait for a few minutes to check if the settings on the equipment are set right and if the skin is having any negative reaction to the treatment.
  • If all’s well,  the dermatologist will continue with the procedure on the entire area. 
  • Once the procedure is complete, you will be given ice packs to apply to the area along with an anti-inflammatory cream to ease any discomfort.
  • Before leaving, the dermatologist will schedule your next procedure and inform you about the same.

Cost for Laser Hair Removal in Bangalore? 

Most reputed hair clinics charge anywhere between ₹1,500 to ₹2,000 for Laser hair removal in Bangalore, depending on the area. The final cost is also dependent on the experience of the doctor, the coarseness of the hair, the type of equipment used, and the size of the area to be treated.

A full-body laser hair removal in Bangalore costs anywhere between ₹15,000 to ₹20,000 per session. A facial package might cost ₹5000 to ₹7500 per session.

Laser hair removal before and after results

laser hair removal - before and after

You can experience the results of laser hair removal instantly after the session. A reduction of hair growth of up to 60% can be experienced. As pointed out earlier, to achieve 100% reduction, you might need multiple sessions, including maintenance sessions, to retain the effects permanently.

Once a treatment session is complete, you might see that the treated area is looking slightly sunburned. This is completely normal and can be easily treated by taking adequate measures (as instructed by your dermatologist). If you are being treated on the face, usually you can wear makeup the next day. However, if you have any forms of blistering on the skin, it is best to avoid makeup till it gets better.

During the month following the session, you will find that the hair continues to fall in the treated area. 

Why Choose Dr.Renu’s Skin & Hair Clinic for laser treatment?

It is widely known that in any medical treatment, the risks and side effects associated with it can be eliminated by picking the right medical practitioner. Laser hair removal is no different. You need to pick someone, who is a certified dermatologist, has considerable amounts of experience in the field, and has performed the same treatment on different types of skin for a long time. Dr. Renu Nair checks all these boxes.

Dr. Renu Nair has over 10 years of experience in performing laser hair removal treatments. She has treated patients from different parts of the country for a variety of skin conditions. Her skin and hair clinic is situated at the HSR Layout in Bengaluru.

This clinic is home to certified doctors and qualified nurses who have worked with reputed medical institutions in the past. The clinic is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology to make the treatment as effective as possible. Book an appointment for laser hair removal in Bangalore at Renu’s clinic now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many sessions are required for laser hair treatment?

In most cases, you can notice the results immediately after the first session. However, to achieve permanent results, at least four to eight sittings will be required.

  • Does permanent hair removal treatment exist?

The short answer is No. There is no treatment currently available that can stop hair growth permanently. Having said that, the effect of laser hair removal treatment is permanent in a way. The treatment slows down hair growth considerably in the treated area. However, multiple treatments, including maintenance sessions, will be required to remove hair permanently. 

  • Are there any side effects of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the safest hair treatments currently available. However, some rare side effects can happen when the treatment is performed by an inexperienced dermatologist. Here are they – 

  • Discomfort
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Blistering
  • Infection
  • Skin darkening or lightening
  • Herpes simplex breakout
  • Scarring


  • Is laser hair removal painful?

The laser hair removal process is not as painful as waxing. The treatment can cause a mild pricking sensation. However, even that’s eliminated as dermatologists will apply a  numbing agent to the area before the treatment. 


  • Is laser hair removal safe for the face?

Absolutely. The procedure is completely safe to be performed on any part of your body. The side effects will remain the same irrespective of where you are getting the hair removed. However, most of these side effects are temporary and would go away on their own.

  • How long does laser hair removal last?

The duration of the treatment depends entirely on the treatment area. If the hair is to be removed from a small area like lips, the entire treatment will take only 10-15 minutes. However, it can take an hour if the treatment area is large, like the back of the legs.

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